Monday, October 23, 2017

Molly B's Deluxe Cake Menu

Carrot Cake

Traditional moist and rich spiced carrot cake brushed with an apricot glaze, golden and dark raisins layered and filled and finished with layers of cream cheese frosting (Pineapple, coconuts and nuts optional).

Double Dark Chocolate

Rich, dark, moist chocolate cake, layered with chocolate ganache or chocolate mousse filling.

Strawberry Grand Marnier Cake

Yellow cake delicately soaked with Grand Marnier liqueur, layered with fresh sliced strawberries, fresh pastry cream. 

Italian Cassata Cake

White or gold cake delicately soaked with a rum syrup, sprinkled with cinnamon, grenadine and layered with a sweeten mascarpone cheese, finished with a whipped cream or buttercream frosting (Chocolate chips or candied fruit filling optional).

Lemon Chiffon Cake

Light and zesty lemon cake, filled with your choice of lemon curd, lemon mousse or raspberry filling.

Traditional Silver Cake

White or golden cake layered with buttercream frosting or strawberry preserve filling.

Lemon Raspberry Torte

Vanilla cake layers, filled with tangy lemon mousse and raspberry preserve and flavored buttercream.

Cappuccino Truffle Torte

Rich chocolate cake alternately layered with bittersweet chocolate buttercream filling and cappuccino


Orange Blosson

Light vanilla cake layers, brushed with syrup containing orange juice, filled with orange buttercream, flavored with fresh orange zest.

Lemon Cheesecake Torte

Yellow cake layers, alternately filled with a lemon curd and lemon cheesecake mousse.

White Chocolate Raspberry

Vanilla cream cake, filled with raspberry preserves and white chocolate buttercream.

Candied Ginger and Green Tea

White or golden cake layered with buttercream frosting or strawberry preserve filling.

Mousse Cake

Light and luscious, chocolate mousse or white chocolate mousse layered with yellow or chocolate cake.

Average cost of $5.00 per person - prices may vary.

Birthday and special occasion cake prices vary.

All cakes above are available in different shapes, sizes and decorative themes with your choice of buttercream, fondant, Ganache or Italian buttercream frosting.

Please Note:  Faux cake rental available

Consultations by appointment only.

Wedding cakes require 1/3rd deposit.

Balance is due 10 days in advance.

Molly B's is not responsible for any food allergies to nuts or other ingredients.

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