Monday, October 23, 2017

All About Molly B's

Molly B’s is a family /women owned business which specializes in creating one-of-kind handcrafted artisan wedding cakes. Operating from a home based commercial/residential kitchen, Molly B’s is fully insured and licensed. A resident of Berkley for over 35 years, Molly B’s conduct their business at 61 Bayview Avenue, Berkley, MA 02779. Hours of operation are from Thursday through Saturday from 8 AM – 5PM. Tastings and orderings are by phone or by appointment only.

Molly B’s offers a variety of styles, flavors, designs and presentations.  Although they specialize in wedding cakes, Molly B’s also offers a line of customized occasion cakes such as birthday, shower and anniversary cakes, gift baskets, pastry products, and much more. Our goal is to offer personalized products that reflect your personality, your style, and your guests’ needs.  Molly B’s will be happy to create the cake you desire.

A graduate of Johnson & Wales University, Marlene has over 30 years of experience...

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